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TeleApps has strong R&D background and has been developing value add products for customers over 10 years. We can create customized solutions to deliver functionalities not available out-of-the-box.

Directory Assist

Directory Assist is a web based corporate directory application which is fully integrated to MS Active Directory, your phone system and other corporate information systems to bring all information about your employees together in one place and make it available in a multi user level access based simple-to-use web portal.

Directory Assist is a classic add-on to enterprise phone systems (PABX / communication managers) which do not have out-of-the-box web based corporate directory. Directory Assist has out-of-the-box integration to MS Active Directory, Avaya CM, Cisco CM, LDAP based data sources, ODBC data sources and web services. It has ability to link & represent one-to-many and many-to-one relationships between phone numbers and other information fields which cannot be achieved in standard phone systems or directories.

Operator Assist

Operator Assist is a CTI based operator console application. The design and usage of Operator Assist is structured to help operators perform their basic activities using a simple and ‘easy to use’ interface. If you consider the basic activities of operators, they make and receive calls, search for people, look for people’s availability and transfer or conference to those people. Operator Assist is designed to handle just these functionalities and hence maintains a simple architecture while providing a powerful user interface which can be customized for each operator.

Operator Assist works on top of most standard PABX systems and has out-of-the-box integration to Microsoft Active Directory & Microsoft Exchange. It also supports industry standard interfaces like web services and ODBC to extract information from other corporate directory/information systems.

Dynamic Survey

Dynamic Survey is a fully flexible customer satisfaction/feedback survey application. Contact Centres and enterprise businesses can create unlimited number of surveys themselves using a simple web based survey builder. Dynamic Survey comes with out-of-the-box reporting which helps businesses evaluate the performance of their staff and contact centre in no time.

Dynamic Survey can run on most of the standard VXML based IVR platforms and also on open source Asterisk platforms. Conducting customer satisfaction surveys has become a mandatory need and part of ‘contact centre best practice’ criteria.

Voice Contract

TeleApps Voice Contract is designed to use automated announcements to assist the agents in recording the contract. When the customer and the agent are ready to record a contract, they can conference in this application. The application can consist of a list of pre-recorded announcements/phrases that are identified by unique ID numbers.

The agents can start, repeat last announcement, repeat from beginning, move to next announcement and stop the application using hidden menu selections. Using the unique announcement ID’s and the hidden menu selections, the agents can control the flow and list of the announcements/phrases that forms a ‘contract’.

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